• Projects Today, with over 17 years of experience in data mining, data authentication, and data dissemination, has launched a number of special services to meet the specific requirements of the project fraternity.
  • Projects Today provides business-ready information through its services such as ProjectsToday website, DMS service, KPO service, etc. In the recent years, it has expanded its footprints into Marketing Intelligence & B2B Digital Marketing services.

PMi, through its team of research specialists, maps and tracks client-specific projects pan-India and cull out real-time information through a defined proprietary process evolved during 18 long years of project monitoring experience. This one-to-one interaction with project-people enables PMi to provide ’Qualified Business Opportunities’ to its clients which are ready-to-approach sales prospects for opening sales dialogues than making cold, impersonal calls and asking for business opportunities. These qualified opportunities increase the sales-hit-rate of the client’s sales team

Projects Today KPO service is designed to serve government and private agencies engaged in implementation of capital investment projects to track projects of their choice. With over 18 years of excellent track record, we have developed the ability to identify projects across 400+ sectors and sub-sectors, connect with thousands of project owners and stakeholders to gather the latest developments on their projects. We also have the essential skills and experience to manage large project data collected from various agencies.