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Friday, 13 Oct 2017
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Modern trends in architecture for commercial buildings

Parinee Group
Contemporary Panache

Commercial architecture has always been familiarizing and adapting not just with the up-to-date designs and styles, but also tries its best to cater to the demands of the neighbouring world. It goes without a say that strategies like management of resource and green and sustainable practices, are just as vital to the trends of commercial architecture as design is. Hence the upcoming commercial developments are a combination of both form and function, incorporated in a contemporary workspace.

Going way back to the most severe contractions that have marked their hold in the construction industry, designers are always looking forward to refresh and redefine the commercial field with ground-breaking architectural innovations that will lend the fresh generation of buildings a slender and smart individuality. Furthermore, the commercial architecture definitely calls for an onset of stirred and advanced architectural plans that will work towards making a durable impression of ecological care, conservation of energy and value-added resource management. With these and other up-coming trends ruling the commercial arena, the coming years indicate towards a bright, green and creative future for this segment.

The coming years is all set to welcome the arrival of an up-graded technological and architectural boost which will be adapted by commercial developers to kick-start their projects. The new-age commercial buildings will be a functional amalgamation of vibrant structure’s coupled with glass facades, embellishment, enhancement and modular designs. Parinee Group, the pioneers of the Indian real estate segment, has come up with its one-of-its-kind commercial project Parinee I that boasts of an exceptional modern architecture along with maintaining an ecological impact.

The approaching years will get with itself, variations in colour patterns, ecologically awareness,upgrading in commercial workspaces and further progresses taking place in the commercial sector.  Issues concerning the problem of global warming, ozone layer, shrinking rainforests, acid rains, exhaustion of vital resources, and the ever growing energy demand is a clear indication that the environment is transforming into becoming one of the most influential inspirations on the design process. Informed by a green susceptibility and a transformed pledge to versatile efficacy, the below mentioned design trends are the ones to look out for.

Contortion Design

In the contemporary world dominated by digital technology, 3D designs have gained tremendous popularity, moving towards becoming a noticeable and bold feature as far as the commercial domain is concerned. Along with highlighting the interiors developers these days are also equally emphasising on attractive and appealing exteriors for commercial buildings. Designs bearing complex lines and patterns form a quirky charm with the freshness of an innovative appeal. Intricately designed exterior patters are the need of the hour that are sure to lend the commercial building an unusual look, presenting more visual intrigue to reduce the cold and mundane blandness that initially  existed in a building’s facade details.

Modular Design

The trend of Prefabrication is making a sturdy comeback not just in the residential sector but also in the commercial sector as the profits of greener and well-equipped production techniques become more eye-catching to firms aiming at cutting the building and operational costs. With modular construction, units can be arranged into an artistically pleasing and productive designs conveying an eco-sensitive approach. These days modular constructions are gifted a contemporary and chic look, thanks to the clean lines, energy-efficient glass and aluminum paneling.

Moving towards building Green

Gone are the days when ecological and sustainable buildings were just considered to be buzzwords in the field of commercial architecture. Today, sustainable practices have surpassed the traditional building practices, with many contemporary and striking buildings are being designed to be green. Vegetation and green foliage which was traditionally only an outdoor feature has slowly made into way into the both home and office interiors. Impressive commercial buildings with vertical garden in their reception areas is a common sight these days. Also green vegetation growing on the exterior façade of commercial buildings is a welcome change from the dull commercial architecture. Today office spaces are being built with green sustainable and recycled materials like plastic slats, sustainable wood, green furniture and eco-friendly floors to name a few. These environment friendly designs coupled with an intelligent structural engineering is plummeting the impact of congestion in a big way. A mushrooming trend in the commercial and building sector, energy efficiency is the crux of this segment in recent times. These structures are designed taking into consideration, the penetration of maximum amount of sunlight making place for open parks and pedestrian space.

Transformation from Cement to Glass

The use of glass in modern architectural structures have transformed Mumbai’s skyline to another level. Making use of this technological advancement, developers these days have taken the plunge of experimenting with glass by incorporating it with various safely features, thus making glass the most irreplaceable facet in terms of commercial realty. The demand for this materials is sure to bounce back in double digits in commercial real estate in the years to come with a gamut of glass projects springing up in Mumbai’s commercial scene. The plus point with glass facades is it makes an office space look larger, it is also biodegradable in nature, sturdy, corrosion-free and requires low maintenance.

Façade Enhancement through Lighting

Going by the popular adage, ‘First impression is the last impression’. While gauging a commercial property, it is the building’s external façade that first captures our attention. Hence proper lighting facility is the must to enhance the look and appeal of the façade, while adopting LED light fixtures is an added advantage to the building’s overall charm. One of the most valuable features of LED lighting is its energy-saving component, which permits buildings to transform with vibrant lighting displays one the sun set’s down.


The upcoming big commercial trend to offer the commercial buildings an untouched new look is Ornamentation. Today the designing process has undergone a vast change, and generates the total design along with functional and aesthetic interior and exterior aspect of the commercial building, thus offering the building a contemporary exterior look with elegant interiors also guaranteeing a complete environmental balance.

Doubling the look of small office spaces

Small is the new big these days. Gone are the days when office spaces that are small in size were considered to be less superior than the bigger ones. Today developers have developed the knack of utilizing the space available in an effective manner. They prefer using opaque glass due to its ability to make the space appear larger in size. Breaking walls to double up the look of the office space is a new concept that makes the space look spacious without making space constraints too obvious. Further to add to the minimal look, developers make use of minimalist furniture pieces and incorporate full-length mirrors.

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