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Projects Business: Very Vast

During FY22 period, 10,445 new projects with investment of Rs 19,27,214 crore were identified by us. These business opportunities were emanated despite partial lockdown declared in major states of India.

A large quantum of projects investment is expected to be announced during FY 2022-23.

Projects Business: Quite Complex
These projects are scattered all over India, across 640-odd districts and 400+ industry sectors.
Decision makers and influencers involved in purchase of project-related products and services include project promoters (project heads/managers, procurements head), project contractors, project architects, project consultants, MEP consultants and so on. Identifying the right people and their contact details is an intricate and mammoth task.

The biggest challenge is to find out the current status of an ongoing project to know the right entry-point.
How PMi serves its clients?

PMi, through its team of research specialists, maps and tracks client-specific projects pan-India and cull out real-time information through a defined proprietary process evolved during 18 long years of project monitoring experience.

This one-to-one interaction with project-people enables PMi to provide ’Qualified Business Opportunities’ to its clients which are ready-to-approach sales prospects for opening sales dialogues than making cold, impersonal calls and asking for business opportunities.

These qualified opportunities increase the sales-hit-rate of the client’s sales team

PMi key offerings?
Sourcing client specific project information & structuring them as per the scope
Project milestone progress to identify the right entry point
Providing ready-to-approach sales prospects
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