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Monday, 08 Aug 2011
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Machines make Water from Air
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"Meher Bhandara belongs to the Katgara family of pioneering entrepreneurs. After having worked with TCI, she joined WaterMaker India Pvt Ltd as its Director. One of her greatest achievements was to initiate the WORLD'S FIRST ATMOSPHERIC WATER STATION at Jalimudi village in Andhra Pradesh, India, in collaboration with the local government to provide a sustainable source of clean drinking water to over 600 villagers."


As the National Water Policy of Govt. of India- Ministry of Water Resources puts it "Water which is already a scarce resource, will become even scarcer" and "non conventional methods of sourcing and utilization of water needs to be practiced."


Now a unique and revolutionary machine "WATERMAKER" derives and produces healthy, safe, purified drinking water from the atmospheric air that we breathe. It captures water vapour from the air before it even touches the earth. WATERMAKER provides localized source of pure water without any connection to municipal taps, surface or underground water source. WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd in Mumbai, in a pioneering effort have introduced this unique technology in India. The WaterMaker machines are available in several generating capacities ranging from 25 litres to 5,000 litres of pure, clean, safe drinking water per day. There are ranges of models available to meet various consumption needs. WaterMaker has developed smaller capacity machines of 25 litres per day, especially for use in apartments, bungalows and small offices. Machines can be custom designed for specific uses and multiple delivery options. Mobile machines are also available. All machines are manufactured in India.


The water quality is compliant with WHO / BIS norms and contains no harmful chemicals or minerals. The WATERMAKER works most efficiently in warm areas with high humidity. As this water producing machine works by converting the humidity present in the air into water, the volume of water generated largely depends on humidity level and atmospheric temperature. Thus, output varies from place to place. The rated output is achieved when the air-water generator is placed in locations where the temperature ranges from 25 to 32 deg. C and the RH level ranges from 70 per cent - 75 per cent. The machine works well in coastal areas and the North Eastern region in India. Requiring only electricity or any alternate source of energy, WaterMaker uses refrigeration technology that is optimized to condense water from air. Water is dispensed by either a tap or sprout depending on the type of machine. This ranges from an incorporated drinking fountain to connection to an automated bottling line, dedicated piping or connection to a local distribution system or by attaching multipoint dispensers.


As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative three years ago, WaterMaker set up the World's 1st Atmospheric Water Station at Jalimudi village, Andhra Pradesh to provide clean drinking water from air to over 600 villagers. The villagers today are healthier and save on medical expenses that arise due to consumption of contaminated water.


Mobile WATERMAKERS operated with generators are ideal for construction sites, work camps, expeditions, military bases and emergency relief, where electricity is not available. On the export front, WaterMaker's representatives and distributors are selling in Africa, the Far East, Middle East, S. America and the Caribbean. "We are creating history in providing clean healthy drinking water wherever there is ground water contamination or scarcity of clean drinking water. We are proud to provide a cost efficient solution to water logistics problems faced when miles of pipelines have to be installed or drinking water has to be transported long distances using up fuel and creating extra costs. Our water from air technology prevents the use of nonbiodegradable plastic water jars, thus contributing to a greener environment. We now have the answer, and the world is listening and also drinking!" says Meher Bhandara, Director, WaterMaker (India) Pvt Ltd.


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